How do I connect my property to

Futurestay handles the details of getting your property on All you have to do is contact our Rental Advisory Team that you would like to connect to The Rental Advisory Team will collect the required property information Futurestay handles the requirements/documentation to list on their channel Futurestay […]

Can I screen travelers before they book?

You do not have the ability to screen travelers in advance. However, you can cancel a reservation for any traveler that does not meet your requirements. The travelers would be at risk of losing some or all of their funds. Reasons for canceled reservations coordinate with the property requirements. For […]

How often does a calendar sync occur?

The frequency of calendar sync depends on the calendar. Do you use Futurestay Autopilot? The Autopilot feature provides virtually real-time calendar sync. While Futurestay’s freemium calendar syncs multiple times a day. Factors which influence calendar syncing includes the type of calendar and the listing site it syncs to. Contact the Futurestay […]

How do I connect my listing sites?

Log into your Futurestay account. At the top of the page, click on the tab, Cal Sync. Using the gray dotted box at the top of the page, follow these steps: Copy and paste the link to your listing-site calendar Copy and paste the link to your Futurestay calendar Note: If […]

How does Futurestay process payments and when will I receive them?

Futurestay processes payments immediately after the booking takes place. Once the guest is no longer entitled to funds, the money is paid to the property manager/owner. For example: If there is a 30-day cancellation policy, the payment is sent on the 31st day (since the window for refunded cancellations has closed).

How can I add a cleaning fee?

Login to your Futurestay account Go to your Properties tab Select the property you want to add the cleaning fee to On your left-hand navigation click Prices & Stay Rules Go to the right-hand navigation Click Additional Costs Label the cost “Cleaning Fee” Underneath this box, select your currency Type […]

How do I add Futurestay on my WIX website

In Wix, add the pre-installed Futurestay app. Next, Wix will walk you through the process of creating a Futurestay Account. From there, you can customize the app settings for your Futurestay dashboard. If you have questions about this customization, contact Futurestay’s Rental Advisory Team for assistance at 1 (888) 885-3439 […]