How and when will I receive traveler’s payments?

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First, verify your identity!
To receive payments, all financial account holders must first have their identity verified through a very simple and one-time process. Why do I need to verify my identity?

Once verified, we will transfer traveler payments directly to your financial account – bank account for U.S. users and Paypal accounts for all other countries.  At this stage, the funds will reach your account 5 to 7 business days after the guest checks-in.

“Trusted” users receive payments quicker!
After a few reservations processed through your Futurestay website are connected to real and confirmed travelers by our Trust Team, you will move on to be considered a ‘Trusted’ user. and

At this time, funds will be released to your financial account 1 business day after the reservation is made and paid for with traveler’s credit card.  Please note that payout dates for all Paypal accounts happen on the first and third Mondays of every month.  Payouts happen to bank accounts immediately once released.

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