I didn’t receive my welcome email.

Yikes – that would be rude of us not to welcome you!  Your Futurestay Welcome Email is sent to you immediately when you create your account with us.  It has some cool stuff like your login information and important links to get started.

libraries_internet_fairyIf this email hasn’t landed in your inbox, please check your junk folder. Sometimes the internet fairy sends emails not familiar to your email account to your junk folder.  Talk about rude!

With our experiences thus far we find the junk folder issue is the #1 explanation for why you don’t see your Welcome Email. Of course in life there’s always exceptions to the rule – so if you still don’t see your welcome email after looking in your junk/spam folder email us at support@futurestay.com and say, “Hey, I didn’t get a proper Welcome from you!”

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