Frequently Asked Questions

Getting You Closer To Having The Self-Renting Home™

Getting Started With Futurestay

Futurestay was created alongside an industry leading short-term rental landlord whose passion for growing her business was getting bogged down in the details of work. She needed more free time, control and proft. Futurestay helped her more effectively rent her properties online, manage client data and reservations, advertise and reduce vacancies. She has since been able to expand from just one city to a bi-costal network of properties.

Clients all over the world use FutureStay to book more rooms and work less hours. What can Futurestay do for you? Find out today.

In general, over 40% of all online bookings are abandoned. Traveler’s #1 reason for hitting the back button is a confusing or broken booking process. If you don’t have Seamless Booking like Futurestay, you’re losing reservations on a regular basis. Sending guests to a different site to book, where they have to figure out which room they were looking at and when it’s available is a sure-fire way to confuse them.

Pricing Questions

Yes, we are. Futurestay is free because it’s so advanced that it lets you create a great vacation rental website in just minutes. You’ll never be charged anything for the website or hosting. When guests book rooms on your site we’ll debit 10% of the charges, considerably less than managers and many popular listing sites charge.

Website Questions

Your domain name is a web address, such as You won’t need one until you’re done creating your website. If you don’t have one, our concierges can help you purchase a domain name from any company you select, such as or They cost about $8 a year.

FutureStay can replace your existing website at your current web address, or compliment it at a new web address. Our technical staff will handle the details for you.

Management System Questions

Futurestay offers a totally customizable website that lets you change colors, layouts, images, text, logos, background and graphics to make your aesthetic totally unique.

We work with any business model. You’ll be able to decide between complete automatic online booking or online deposit payments only. As long as you accept some form of payments online, Futurestay will work for you.

Travelers make payments on your Futurestay site via credit card. You don’t need a merchant account or credit check to accept payments.

Those payments are transferred directly from Futurestay to your linked financial account in as little as 3-5 days. If you’re in the US, they will appear directly in your linked bank account. If you are Non US based, they will appear in your PayPal account on a bi-monthly schedule.

To receive payments, all users must at be verified by a simple one step process. Get Verified now.

Online Booking Questions

Verification protects property owners, managers, & travelers and ensures that payments arrive in your financial account in a timely manner.

All transactions pass through our Trust Filters and are reviewed by our Trust Team; those that don’t meet muster are discarded. Futurestay uses 256B SSL, algorythmic fraud detection, trained technicians and PCI compliant servers to minimise risk and ensure that all of your guest’s financial data is secure. You never have to touch or worry about dealing with their credit card or bank info directly.

How do I complete the verification process?

The verification process is simple and straightforward. Get Verified now.

How do I recieve my payments even faster?

After a few reservations processed through your Futurestay website are connected to real and confirmed travelers by our Trust Team, you will be considered a ‘Trusted’ user. Trusted Futurestay users are entitled to payouts immediately after traveler payment.

Calendar Sync & Listing Site Questions

To put it simply, a website will allow you to rent your property more often and for better rates. Your current listings are a great source of advertising, but they don’t differentiate you from the 100’s of other similar listings in your area. A Futurestay website shows guests that you’re different from the other listings; more professional and organized.

Most importantly, with the majority of listing sites your clients can’t book online, or if they do, you’re subject to the site’s rules for obtaining payment. Online booking isn’t an option these days, it’s a requirement.

Without a website you can’t direct anyone to look at your listings without also simultaneously pointing them towards all of your competition; your own website acts as the “home-base” for your short-term rentals and lets you direct traffic there from both online and offline sources.