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Futurestay removes the stress from short-term renting, and makes you more money

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The Operating System for Short-Term Rentals™️

Futurestay empowers independent managers with a roadmap for success
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Build, Grow, and Optimize your rental business

Futurestay OS™️ easily connects to your existing business today and guides it on the path to future growth

Instant property import tool in Futurestay's Dashboard
Futurestay OS™ quickly connects to your existing listings and creates new ones across all major listing sites, simplifying operations and automating manual tasks.
Smart Connections executing rules, payments and communications
A single source of truth; watch your property rules, payments and communications execute everywhere through complete connectivity automation.
Example of custom website powering direct bookings
Already connected to Google Vacation Rentals, a secure booking engine powers your website in real-time, builds your brand and captures valuable guest relationships.
Automated financial transactions in the Futurestay's Dashboard
Set aside the hassles and risk of having your own merchant account, then watch deposits, balance payments, cancellation, refunds and more automate across all channels.
Futurestay's awards granted by VRMA, Phocuswright, Skift, ARDA, and Booking.com

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Simplifies navigation of channels, bookings & payments.

The difference between manually managing a vacation rental or automatically with Futurestay

Traditional tech takes you on a complex journey

Property Management Systems and Channel Managers help list your properties, but make you manage all the manual tasks around payments, modifications, cancellations, emails and more.

Futurestay guides you with a simple roadmap to success

Futurestay OS™ powers your business with award-winning connectivity and automation. It simplifies operations and seamlessly executes payments, bookings and guest communications according to your rules.

Futurestay's app showing a "done" list instead of a "to-do" list

Futurestay OS™️ turns your to-do list into a Done List

Automations based on your business rules

Handles payments, cancellations & refunds

Sends emails to guests for reservations & payments

And more!

Every major listing site and thousands of properties can’t be wrong

“Thanks to Futurestay, we now have the tools and systems to let us do what we like most: welcome our guests and be there for them.”

KGR Quisqueya Management

“Futurestay helped us create a professional website with exciting functionality. But even more importantly, it helps us automate our vacation rentals.”

Francine Rollock, Property Manager

“Futurestay is a genuinely end-to-end management platform.”

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