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Futurestay's award-winning platform empowers anyone, anywhere to build a successful short-term rental business. Come build your future with us.

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Making the hard work worth it.

Shepherding the world’s rentalpreneurs toward their dreams and independence is challenging—but rewarding—work. Here’s a few more rewarding aspects to consider...
Top Compensation
Futurestay offers our team members (aka Trailblazers) fair and competitive salaries because we know the importance of paying people what they're worth, and we consistently aim to make our Trailblazers feel valued and appreciated.
Equity Share
Futurestay offers Stock Options to all qualified Trailblazers, so when the company wins, we all win!
Health Benefits
We offer medical, dental, and vision care benefits to all eligible Trailblazers, and offset premiums to help make healthcare affordable for everyone.
Personal Time Prioritized
Real life happens. That’s why Futurestay gives Trailblazers unlimited personal time off (PTO). So, when the fit hits the shan, you can take the time you need to return on your terms.
Together Apart
Futurestay embraces a remote-first workforce approach. Our Trailblazers work from wherever is convenient and comfortable for them, keeping connected to each other through our remote tool stack.
Collaborative Culture
We may not sit across from each other, but we come together regularly—both IRL and virtually—for quarterly events and the occasional cross-company hack-a-thon.

Our global network of operatives.

When your job is to help local rentalpreneurs win their independence, it helps to have boots on the ground.



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