Dynamic Pricing

Automatically adjust rental rates to maximize revenue, boost occupancy, or both.

Let Smart Rates earn you up to 40% more revenue.

Powered by AirDNA's industry-leading short-term rental data, Smart Rates automatically adjusts your rates to deliver the performance you want across occupancy and revenue. Earn up to 40% more from each property, with no additional fees.

Questions about Dynamic Pricing

What do I need to use Dynamic Pricing on Futurestay?

Futurestay is built on industry-leading connections, and that includes the technical kind as well as the human ones. Our platform connects seamlessly with all the major listing platforms, allowing you to instantly publish an update to your property across all channels with the push of a button. Behind the scenes, our team is always working with Online Travel Agencies to find ways to make your listings more visible. Because pricing is one of the key drivers of listing visibility and competitiveness on OTA platforms, dynamic pricing will ensure your listings are visible and well-priced for your market.

Kelly McStay
Head of Product
How will Futurestay’s Price Recommendations help my business?

Price recommendations powered by AirDNA make sure you’re not leaving money on the table during major travel windows or managing an empty property in the off season. The Smart Rates dashboard integration allows you to automatically update your nightly rate based on live demand with the push of a button.

Noel Crisostomo
Activations Manager

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