Know and grow your business with cross-channel revenue reports.

All of your financials from every rental property, all in one place.

Futurestay assures you'll never lose sight of your complete financial picture again. Streamline financial management of your entire operation and eliminate hassles at tax time.

Questions about Financial Reporting

How does Futurestay’s financial reporting work?

Futurestay’s financial reporting is built in: you’ll automatically have access to complete reporting regarding your reservations and payouts across all your properties and all your booking channels. 

Futurestay’s financial reporting includes:

- A detailed reservation report, for complete visibility into where your guests are booking and the status of all reservations

- A complete payout report, so you can understand what you’re earning from your properties, and where there are opportunities to earn more

- A full bank transfer history, to ensure you have visibility into what's landing in your bank account and when to expect payouts for bookings

Monique Kandou
Head of Partnerships
How will Futurestay’s financial reporting help my business?

It’s stressful keeping track of payments and reservation audits while growing your business. Futurestay provides you with the financial reporting you need to manage your financial operations without adding to your busy schedule.  you'll have all this at the tip of your fingers:  

Mai Catania
Head of Customer Success
Can I download my financial reporting data for further analysis?

While you always have full access to your financial reporting in your Futurestay dashboard, you can download any of your reports. Whether you just want to keep a local copy, or want to dive into the details, your reporting is available to you. (We get it: we love data, too.)

Kelly McStay
Head of Product

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