Why Futurestay

Helping rentalpreneurs win their independence.

Sarah – Full-time Rentalpreneur

Want to grow your short-term rental income without growing your workload? Seeking freedom from listing site dependence? Futurestay might be for you.

Hold the keys to your success, not just the keys to your rentals.

If you're not the one getting rich from your rentals, then who is?

Futurestay puts you in command and control of your short-term rental business—whether that's one or hundreds of properties—so that you can scale your business and reach your goals on your terms, not someone else's.

Built for dreamers like you, by dreamers like us.

We founded Futurestay with the belief that technology could fix the problems preventing our short-term rental success. Turns out we were right. We're still staffed by active rentalpreneurs like you, committed to obliterating every obstacle in the way of your dreams, and supporting you from your first property to financial freedom and beyond.

The power to command
your own destiny.

Boost your properties' booking volume up to 90%.
Make up to 70% more from your existing properties.
Book stays directly and own your guest relationships – and your success.
Simple we-win-when-you-win pricing. No surprise charges.

We’ve helped thousands of rentalpreneurs achieve financial independence.

"I’ve looked at a lot of platforms, but Futurestay worked best for pulling my world together into one place. Futurestay has streamlined my business without making me change the way I operate it."
Morgan Page, Cedar Creek Lake, Texas
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“I run a hair salon in addition to managing my short-term rental, so I needed something that would let me automate as much as possible. Futurestay keeps me organized and makes me more money at the same time. The Smart Rates tool knows that demand is off the charts when there’s a home Notre Dame football game and increases my nightly rate automatically.”
Julia Herschberger, Goshen, Indiana
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"Futurestay was my angel coming from the heavens and saying, 'We have something that can help you and make your life a whole lot easier.' There's somebody that I can reach out to anytime I need help. It's like I have my own little reservation department."
Mary Ann Kaye, Santa Fe, New Mexico
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"I love that we can rent independently on our own website and Futurestay handles all the payment processing for that, because that’s certainly not something I want to do. It’s all automated, which enables us to circumvent some of the other added expenses from an outside property manager.”
Karin Cain, Kiawah Island, South Carolina
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Futurestay?

Futurestay is an all-in-one short-term rental management platform that seamlessly syncs listings, rates and availability across channels to help entrepreneurs save time and make more money. When you instantly connect your existing listings to your Futurestay account, you can manage your entire business without leaving your Futurestay dashboard.

Futurestay provides the optimization, automation, payment assurance and analytics you need to scale your short-term rental business without scaling complexity.

Jonathan Fabio
Co-Founder and COO
How does Futurestay help me make more money?

Rentalpreneurs who use Futurestay report making 90% more money. We help you take control of your short-term rental business and your financial future by making sure your listings are optimized and seen by as many people as possible.

Futurestay has also assembled a dream team of Business Essentials partners that offer solutions proven to help rentalpreneuers grow their business and their bank account. 

Price recommendations powered by AirDNA make sure you’re not leaving money on the table during major travel windows or managing an empty property in the off season. The Smart Rates dashboard integration allows you to automatically update your nightly rate based on live demand with the push of a button. 

Futurestay is also proud to partner with Google Vacation Rentals to serve your listings to guests as soon as they start their vacation research on Google. Our drag-and-drop website builder and booking engine is already connected to Google, making it more likely that your guests will discover your property outside of the listing platforms (which means no fees).

Monique Kandou
Head of Partnerships
How does Futurestay help me save time?

Every inch of the Futurestay dashboard was designed with one goal in mind: To help independent property managers streamline operations while maintaining control over their business. With Futurestay, there’s no need to waste your time chasing down failed credit card payments or sending check-in information to every new guest – it’s all done for you. 

With all the tedious tasks out of the way, you can return your focus to the aspects of your business you truly care about.

Kelly McStay
Head of Product
How many properties do I need to use Futurestay?

It only takes one property to launch your short-term rental business with Futurestay. Whether you manage a single listing or bring a portfolio of dozens of properties, we’ll make sure guests can find you on every major channel. 

Futurestay is built on industry-leading connections, and that includes the technical kind as well as the human ones. Our platform connects seamlessly with all the major listing platforms,, allowing you to instantly publish an update to your property across all channels with the push of a button. Behind the scenes, our team is always working with Online Travel Agencies to find ways to make your listings more visible. We’ve built strong relationships with the teams at Airbnb, Vrbo and Booking.com, and we’re always working on ways to boost the performance of Futurestay listings.

Kristen Cheek
Head of Distribution
Who is Futurestay designed for?

We celebrate entrepreneurs at Futurestay, so we’ve designed our entire platform with them in mind. Futurestay helps independent property managers – including the small business owners and the hobbyist hosts – achieve financial independence through short-term renting. Futurestay equips short-term rental managers with technology that levels the playing field in an extremely competitive market. With Futurestay in their pocket,, there’s nothing keeping independent property managers from success.

Phil Kennard
Co-Founder and CEO
What sets Futurestay apart from other vacation rental management softwares?

The Futurestay platform features award-winning connectivity and powerful automations, but Futurestay is more than a software solution – it’s a partnership. From the moment you connect your listings, we’re assembling a team to help improve your listings and earn you more bookings. You may not see this concierge service on the surface, but you’ll notice when your Booking.com optimization score increases by 70% or you finally earn Superhost status. 

Your listings are combed through by experts in Airbnb, Vrbo and Booking.com,, who will provide recommendations to boost the performance of your listings – whether it’s adding higher-resolution photos or adjusting a policy to attract more guests. We’ll do whatever it takes to help guests find your listings and help you find financial freedom.

Mai Catania
Head of Customer Success
How do I get started?

You can activate your Futurestay dashboard in minutes by signing up with your Airbnb account. This secure connection simply allows us to instantly import your listing descriptions, photos, rates and calendar so your property is ready to be synced across all channels. 

It’s easy to get started (the Futurestay Assistant will guide you through the process), but the Activation Team is always available to help via phone, email or live chat.

No credit card is needed at signup, meaning there’s no risk in giving Futurestay a try.

Noel Crisostomo
Activations Manager

100% control.
Zero risk.
Total support.

Get started yourself, quickly and easily. Our Activations Team is standing by to help, if you need it.
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