Know you're protected while making it easy for guests to pay.

Concerned that property damage, fraud, or payment complexities might slow you down? Relax knowing that Futurestay automates payments and protects you in the process.

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Protect your property

A damage waiver safeguards you and your property. No back-and-forth with security deposits.

Prevent scams and fraud

We monitor for fraud on every transaction and manually verify identity if anything seems off.

Accept secure payments

Your automated rules run the payments. No more human errors or stressful admin work.

Processing payments and staying protected are hard.

Getting them right is even harder.

Do you lie awake wondering if your hard-earned money will be handled correctly? Maybe you wonder if you’ve calculated fees or taxes correctly, or worse - fallen victim to fraud.

If something goes wrong, you might have to dispute fraudulent chargebacks on your own or be left on the hook for repairing and replacing ruined items.

Potential damage to your property is a valid concern. Without a plan to prevent and mitigate potential issues, it's difficult to feel confident that you are protected.

You need peace of mind that your payments and property are being handled safely and efficiently, because if you're too worried about loss, you're not focused on growth.

Futurestay makes it easy to prevent damage, protect against fraud, and securely process payments.

Take the complexity and legwork out of secure online payments.

Does processing payments stress you out? Futurestay simplifies and automates your payments so you can focus your valuable time on everything else.

  • No payment processor applications

  • Automate secure payment processing on each booking

  • Get paid directly to your bank account

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Handle chargebacks and refunds with confidence.

Do you lack the the time, knowledge, and resources to fight chargebacks?  If it’s not done right, you risk losing credibility with payment processors, not to mention losing actual money. Futurestay has your back.

  • Collect supporting documentation to build your case

  • Arrange and collate documentation into case files

  • Submit cases to the payment processor on your behalf

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Collect a built-in damage waiver on every single booking.

Want to avoid the back-and-forth communication a security deposit entails, and gain peace of mind that you are protected against accidental damage? A mandatory, low-cost damage waiver covers you for every stay.

  • Collect an affordable damage waiver with every booking

  • Get $1500 or more in protection against accidental damage

  • Report damage directly and get reimbursed, no back-and-forth

Connect to payments

Protect yourself from fraudulent guest transactions.

Are you concerned about being exposed to fraudulent guest transactions? Scammers are out there, and Futurestay Payments ensures you're protected against them.

  • Proactive flagging of concerning payments

  • Additional identity verification on suspicious payments

  • Proactive prevention policies come standard

Protect against fraud

Take control of payments and your rentalpreneur story

Protecting your property goes hand-in-hand with accepting payments. By pairing a solid damage waiver with safe and secure payment processing, you have what you need to feel confident in the guests who stay and pay.

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Connect to your bank

Taking online payments is a big and important step.

Process payments

Automatically process payments according to your stay terms. Gain confidence in knowing you have support and protection at all times.

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Got questions?

Futurestay makes it easy to process payments and stay protected, but there’s still a lot to know. Browse our Frequently Asked Questions to get the answers you need.

You can also chat with our team if you have more questions.

Do you charge commissions?


No. Never. We are a subscription-based service, meaning you pay a flat fee, per property, per month. Whether you book a lot of stays or not, you will be charged the same.

What are the advantages of Futurestay’s payment processing system?


When you process guests’ credit cards, you get secure payment processing, direct payouts to your bank account, and chargeback protection in the case of a card payment dispute.

How is a damage waiver different than a deposit?


A damage waiver is non-refundable. It’s easier to manage, because you don’t have to process any complex refunds. Futurestay's accidental damage waiver provides you with peace of mind and a simple booking experience for guests.

What is a chargeback scam?


Chargeback fraud, also known as friendly fraud, occurs when a guest stays at your property and then requests a refund (chargeback) from the issuing bank after their stay.

How do you prevent fraud?


There’s no way to completely prevent fraud, but setting good stay policies, looking out for red flags, and knowing you have support from the Futurestay team go a long way.