4 Ways to Spend Your Free Time on Hospitality

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Futurestay was built with the purpose of removing the manual, administrative tasks of running a rental business.

If you’ve joined the Futurestay community, then pat yourself on the back! You and your staff now have more time to dedicate to hospitality.

Here are 4 ways you can use your free time to offer (even more) exceptional services.

1. Make their stay personal

Rather than manually writing emails, spend your free time striking up a pre-arrival conversation with your guest.

Find out the reason for their trip. Think of a few niceties that would go a long way to making their stay memorable. Family birthday? Order a cake. Honeymoon? Have a bottle of wine. Just taking in the sun? Offer a complimentary bottle of sun lotion.

You can see how these little actions go a long way. Create a flex budget, allow your staff some creativity, and watch your positive reviews roll-in.

2. Liven up the place

A birthday cake or bottle of wine is great to offer before guests arrive, but what about after their arrival?

Perhaps clean the linens when they’re out for the day or keep fresh fruit in the fridge. You could even call after their first night to make sure their expectations have been met. This conversation will help solve problems before the experience becomes permanently written on the internet.

4 Ways tp Spend your free time on hospitality Futurestay

3. Transform into a concierge

Even the most well-planned travel enthusiast can miss something that is quite common among the locals. That’s where you come in! Use your local expertise to help your guest fall in love with your destination.

This is the perfect opportunity to involve your business in the community. Connect your travelers to tours, activities, entertainment, and dining establishments. Staying up-to-date on trendy activities and events makes your traveler’s stay even more memorable.

4. Follow up with the guests

Ask guests about their experience. Create a survey and send it out a few days after check-out (enough time that travelers still remember their stay, but not too fast that they’re tired from their travels). Here you can receive some input you can use for a quality control, making sure their expectations have been met or exceeded.

4 Ways to Spend Your Free Time on Hospitality

In the occasions where they were, you’d note what really impressed your guests and where you can focus your resources. Where they were not, you’re giving them the opportunity to vent before they take their complaints to the internet.

What will you do with your hospitality?

With your rental business free from administrative tasks, there is more opportunity to serve your guests. Make meaningful impacts using pre-arrival phone calls, thoughtful details and having an exit survey.

Using your time and resources towards positive guest experiences helps grow your business and get five-star reviews.

Are you ready to see how much time you can save for hospitality? Try our Hospitality Booster!

Written by: Laura & Dennis Pitcock | Rental Business Specialists | Edited by Kristen Martinelli


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