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Beach vacation rentals make up 59% of vacation rental properties. The prime months for booking summer rentals are March and April.

Most guests book their vacations in advance. So it is important that when you are marketing your property you provide a variety of information.

Use Professional Photographs

Using professional photographs to showcase your beachfront rental is the first marketing tool. Professional photographs boost your vacation rental's bookings.

You want to use professional photographs because it will reflect your property. Professional photography capture the spectacular architecture and landscapes of beachfront vacation rental properties.

Emphasize Your Beachfront Views

Remove any clutter around your windows overlooking the beach. Your proximity to the water is the most important selling feature. Highlight ocean-facing windows, balconies, or decks in photographs.

Emphasize Your Vacation Rental Views

Emphasize Key Beachfront Features

A beachfront property that has a swimming pool has wide market appeal. As does a private driveway, front porch, fenced in backyard, and more.

Make sure to specify and illustrate these features to future guests. These unique features separate your property from other rentals in the area.

Remember to Maintain Your Homes’ Value

The salty air and strong winds can damage your vacation rental property over time. Remember that updates are necessary to maintain as a competitor in the market. Make sure that your current property’s image matches the professional photographs you post online.

Such necessary upgrades can be:

  • Repainting your vacation rental property
  • Updating landscaping
  • Updating appliances and amenities

Also, remember to check your air conditioning unit. A functioning AC system seems like a mandatory feature in today’s vacation rental market, especially for beachfront locations.

Maintaining the different interior and exterior features of your home is important. By doing this, you validate the experience you market to guests.

Keep Decorations Minimalistic

While everyone loves the beach, you do not need a literal interpretation of it on every surface of your home. Try and capture the feeling of the ocean in your interior design. Such as cool pastels, modern furniture, or the use of wood.

It may be off-putting to potential renters to have too much clutter. This may include seashells, sea creatures, and ocean themes throughout the vacation rental property.

Your goal is to achieve a well-designed space that is inviting, while also remaining neutral enough for guests to imagine themselves there.

Also, a more simplistic design helps the rental stay modern and refreshing.

Use Minimal Beach Themes for Elegant Designs

Location and Audience

Marketing to the best audience has to do with your location. You want your description to reach a certain group of beachfront renters. For example, see if you can narrow down your audience with some of these questions:

  • Is your beach dog-friendly?
  • Is the area known for rough waves? Surfers? Or family vacationers?
  • Do you have a boardwalk nearby?
  • What other excursions are available (fishing, crabbing, paragliding)?
  • Where are the best local restaurants? How expensive are they?
  • Do you have renters from in-state or out-of-state? Where do they travel from?
Beachfront Vacation Rental Properties Market to Nearby Attractions

By answering these questions, you can see the ways that your location influences your target audience/guest.

If your ideal guest is a family, it is important to highlight key features of the home and area that would attract a family. The opposite is true if your property is in a quieter neighborhood with fewer activities.

Reviews Lead to Bookings

70% of travelers look at up to 20 reviews in the planning phase of their vacation preparation. Thus, it is important for you to ask prior guests to leave reviews about their experiences.

These reviews influence your audience and affect your marketing. For example, “79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.”

This is a positive example of how guest reviews act as a marketing technique to brand your rental as trustworthy. As a result, you are more likely to get traffic and bookings for your property.

Your job is to be proactive with asking for reviews. If you take care of your property and the guest, then writing a review should be a simple task for your guest.

Where’s the Best Beachfront Location You’ve Experienced?

Marketing your beachfront vacation rental property is centered around the audience. If you can identify your property’s location, activities, and rental features – you will know who to market to.

Remember to invest in professional photographs, detailed descriptions, and maintaining your beachfront rental property.

Do you have a favorite beachfront location? Share your experiences and memories below.


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