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Short-term rental managers have a lot on their plates. There’s an ever-growing list of core business functions that must be handled to ensure smooth operations – from booking guests on multiple channels and communicating with those guests to managing finances and insurance – yet no more time in the day to handle it all.

For any given property, a manager is expected to:

  • Find and book guests on multiple channels
  • Give guests access to your property
  • Coordinate cleaning and turnover
  • Mitigate risk of guest damage
  • Mitigate risk of guest cancellations/travel shutdowns
  • Mitigate risk of parties/noise violations
  • Optimize pricing and occupancy
  • Optimize listing images and descriptions
  • Remain compliant with local regulations
  • Obtain financing for future expansion
  • Improve guest experience and repeat business

There are many services on the market that offer solutions for one or more of the core business functions listed above, but finding the right provider can be more hassle than it’s worth for property owners. 

First, there’s the trial-and-error process to determine if the service will even solve the business problem you’re facing. In addition to being time-consuming and frustrating, the process of finding the best software solutions can be expensive depending on the different hardware and subscription fees for implementation. Many times property managers will settle for a less-than-ideal solution to avoid the hassle of finding something better.

Even if the solution does help, it’s not always an easy fix. Many services are not compatible with existing short-term rental softwares, meaning property managers are forced to maintain yet another separate account and manually enter information between the platforms. 

Each service is optimized for different types and styles of property management business – and usually that means they’re catering to the “big guys,” those massive property management companies with hundreds of properties.

At Futurestay, we understand the challenges that independent short-term rental managers face in everyday business operations. Our entire existence is based on empowering managers like you with a simple but powerful Operating System that helps you build, grow and optimize your business.

While Futurestay’s core features are enough to help property managers streamline their operations to save time, money and hassle, we’re not willing to stop there. We’ve spent years researching the best property management solutions for independent managers so you don’t have to.

Futurestay is proud to introduce Business Essentials, a suite of services that are proven to offer real value to independent short-term rental managers. We’ve done the trial-and-error, the research and the vetting, and we’ve integrated the services directly into our platform to save you even more time.

There is currently no cost to access Business Essential services through Futurestay, which include dynamic pricing powered by AirDNA and a noise monitoring system from NoiseAware. Some individual services have a cost associated, but accessing them through Futurestay often provides a discount as well as additional features.

All of our partner services are fully compatible with Futurestay, optimized to your specific needs and can be enabled through a quick Smart Connection that saves on complex sign-up and configuration processes.

So, what are you waiting for? Create an account and activate your Business Essentials today to build, grow and optimize your short-term rental business.


About Futurestay

Futurestay pioneered the first operating system designed to empower rentalpreneurs with the connectivity and automation previously out of reach for everyday people running short-term rentals. Building on its promise to help rentalpreneurs succeed at any stage, Futurestay is so much more than a platform, offering anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit and a room to rent the chance to learn, earn and grow at every stage of their rentalpreneur journey.

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