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The most satisfying part of anyone’s work is when they have a positive effect on another person’s life.

I don’t care whether you’re a salesman, a software developer or a vacation rental manager, when you can see that you’ve had a positive, lasting impact it validates you and make your work feel worthwhile.

In hospitality, we’re lucky enough to have the unique ability to sell lasting happiness. Yep, the old adage has been scientifically disproven.

Every day, every interaction is the chance to change someone’s life for the better. And a chance to make you feel pretty darn good about yourself and your work as well.

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But in our day-to-day reality, we spend too much effort completing tasks around the selling of hospitality. This takes away from our time to actually deliver the happiness that we promise.

That’s a concern and frustration we’ve heard from property managers around the world, and one I’m sure you’ve felt as well. If you’re like us, you entered this industry to help travelers share experiences and create lifelong memories — not to log in and out of extranets, copy and paste emails, and chase after failed credit cards.

That’s why we knew our industry was ready for the first major technology advancement since the vacation rental Channel Manager in 2005.

Meet Futurestay’s Smart Connections™

Smart Connections™ automate manual tasks so you can focus on what matters: delivering 5-star hospitality to your guests.

For a traveler, clicking the “Book Now” button on a channel like, HomeAway or Expedia is a simple, seamless way to complete their search.

But have you ever thought about how many steps it takes for you to turn an “Instant Booking” into a successful stay?

  • Running credit cards
  • Check-in emailing
  • Scheduling and collecting balance payments
  • Emailing
  • Collecting on the 20% of credit cards that fail
  • Emailing
  • Handling cancellations, refunds, modifications, and chargebacks
  • Lots more emailing
  • Keeping the calendar correct after any changes
  • Auditing channel invoices for incorrect reservations and paying their commissions
  • And more emailing
Have you ever thought about why your channel manager doesn’t do most, if not all of those manual tasks?

What would it mean for you if it could?

How much more special would each guest’s stay be if all of the time spent on manual, administrative tasks were suddenly free to deliver amazing hospitality?

Today, we’re announcing the story of Smart Connections™ to the world in a way that we’ve seen it play out hundreds of times.

Take a moment to view our new video and see how Smart Connections™ can help your team spend their time doing what matters most to you, and to your guests.

Futurestay Smart Connections _2


About Futurestay

Futurestay pioneered the first operating system designed to empower rentalpreneurs with the connectivity and automation previously out of reach for everyday people running short-term rentals. Building on its promise to help rentalpreneurs succeed at any stage, Futurestay is so much more than a platform, offering anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit and a room to rent the chance to learn, earn and grow at every stage of their rentalpreneur journey.

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