Futurestay Wins HomeAway’s First Partner Hackathon

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April 1, 2019

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ— January 27, 2019 — The Futurestay team, represented by CTO, Sree Raja, Lead Developer, Jeremy Gross, and Full-Stack Product Developer, Kevin Jang, flew to HomeAway headquarters in Austin, Texas. For the week, Futurestay’s team would participate in HomeAway’s first partner Hackathon, alongside companies like CiiRUS, SkyRun, BookingPal, VacayHomeConnect, Guesty, and BookingSync.

The companies competing in the Hackathon were given a presentation of HomeAway’s API’s with the following challenege: How would you use data from ten different APIs?

Most companies approached the Hackathon with the idea of blending the API’s into one product — Futurestay didn’t.

HomeAway Hackathon Texas

Meet The Prospector:
Better short term rental investment decisions with data.

Futurestay HomeAway Hackathon Win

Futurestay saw an opportunity with 32% of investment properties being used for short-term vacation rentals. Leveraging HomeAway’s new API to access data, Futurestay built the Prospector — a tool for better investment decisions.

Futurestay’s research found that the rate of short-term rental investment had grown 50% since 2016 and that there isn’t an existing data tool to help investors look at long term real estate options with short-term rental data.

Working with the Zillow API, Futurestay created a view that allows investors to filter search results based on price, similarity to competition, amenities, rating, etc. This data provided by Zillow and HomeAway generates an overall quality score for potential investments.

After two days of coding alongside HomeAway representative Deepika, Futurestay presented their project and won first place!

Futurestay was thrilled to win the first Hackathon — but more importantly, collaborate on projects that grow travel technology.

Futurestay Hackathon Winner HomeAway_1

About Futurestay

Launched in 2014, Futurestay works with over 100,000+ vacation rental properties in over 120 countries. Futurestay’s Smart Connection™ technology connects everything that matters to a vacation rental business — from listings on channels like HomeAway, Airbnb, VRBO, and Booking.com — to reservations, calendars, direct websites, and more. With Smart Connections™, rental businesses easily connect to global guests while seamlessly automating guest communications, payments, channel auditing, and more. It’s free to sign up and get started.

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