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A TripAdvisor study found that 83% of travelers thought a kitchen was the most important travel accommodation. Especially because of the savings vacation rental kitchens provide.

Thus, it is important to provide renters with the kitchen necessities. Or specify what your kitchen provides. That way, guests know what items they need to bring.

Appliances for your Vacation Rental Kitchen

At the very least, your rental property should provide a stove/oven and microwave. Renter’s book vacation rental properties because of the ability to cook their own meals. Having a stove/oven is a necessity.

If your kitchen is too small to have a full stove/oven, consider buying a microwave and toaster oven. This allows for some form of reheating.

Also, include a coffee maker and tea kettle. A Keurig is a good option. Keurig’s can produce a variety of drinks, without wasting product.

A dishwasher is an added bonus for a vacation rental property. Dishwashers simplify a renter’s responsibility if they host a party or have a large family dinner. If you do not have a dishwasher, make sure you have a drainboard for hand-washing dishes.

Guests will appreciate other appliances but they are not necessary to your property’s success. Such items include:

  • Blenders
  • Food processors
  • Pancake griddle and waffle iron
  • Gourmet machines
  • Like ice cream, popcorn, or cappuccino machines

Kitchenware: The Vacation Rental Necessities

While renters could survive without a dishwasher, it’s difficult to cook a meal without a plate or pan. Think about it, do you remember when you bought your can-opener? Or kitchen scissors?

It’s easy to forget about all the items we use in the kitchen. Which means your renters may forget to pack them. These kitchen basics are necessary for having a successful vacation rental kitchen, and meal.

Your Property Reflects Your Kitchen’s Items

First, take into consideration your vacation rental property’s occupancy. Does your vacation rental property sleep 2 people? 6 people? This number will provide the basis for the amount of kitchenware you need to buy.

Such necessities include:

  • Large dinner plates
  • Cereal bowls
  • Cutlery – Especially steak knives and spoons
  • Coffee mugs and casual drink glasses
  • A spaghetti pot and colander
  • Large skillet and saucepan
  • Sharp knife for kitchen prep and butchery

These are the basic kitchen items needed for cooking. You should also have an extra set of kitchenware. One set is for your guests. Another set is if they decide to entertain friends and family. That way, you have more than enough matching kitchenware for all your rental guests.

If your rental is designed for larger parties, consider kitchenware for large groups. Such as wine glasses, large platters, snack bowls, serving spoons, and salad spoons.

Two Sets of Kitchenware Allow for Vacation Entertainment

Is Your Vacation Rental Kitchen Family-Friendly?

Does your rental cater to families? Also, think about children when you buy kitchenware. Parents won’t want their toddlers carrying a glass cup.

Plastic cups and dishes for children can save you money. You won’t need to replace chipped or broken kitchenware. The adults can use your normal set of kitchenware while the children use disposable or plasticware.

Another fantastic addition for children is a kitchen high-chair. That way all family members can enjoy a meal together.

Plasticware for Children Saves You Money with Your Vacation Rental Kitchen

Does Your Rental Have an Outdoor Space for Cooking?

If you have an outdoor deck or pool area, you may want to buy a set of outdoor kitchenware.

It is dangerous and difficult to clean up broken glass around the pool. It is safer to have outdoor heavy plastic, ceramic, or “unbreakable” kitchenware. Your kitchen rental can have one outdoor set of kitchenware, and one indoor set.

Research your kitchenware before you buy it. Consider what the product is made out of, how long it will last, and how much you will need. You want to buy a pattern or style that is not limited/discontinued. This will make for easier replacement.

Does your deck have a grill? What items do your renters need for a successful barbecue? Items like tongs, grill brushes, thermometers, and lighters can assist with outdoor cooking.

Provide Sturdier Outdoor Kitchenware for Your Vacation Rental


While you don’t have to provide a large variety of spices, it is considerate to stock the basics. This will help your renters prepare a meal before they go shopping:


  • Olive oil
  • Pam
  • Butter – You can store in the freezer and defrost when needed.


  • Garlic powder, chopped onion
  • Salt and pepper
  • Sugar, cinnamon, vanilla extract
  • Oregano, rosemary, parsley, paprika
  • Baking soda and baking powder
Stock Basic Spices for Your Renters

Other Items Stocked in a Vacation Rental Kitchen

Added to the list of items you never think about are graters, peelers, spatulas, and cookie sheets.

Stock your kitchen with two cutting boards, one for meats and one for vegetables. They will prevent damage to the countertops and tables.

Investing in disinfectant wipes is an added level of sanitation for your kitchen’s surfaces.

What Should Your Renters Put Their Leftovers in?

You’ve provided all the items needed for your renters to create a fantastic meal. But wait…what do they do with their leftovers? While we plan for the meal, it is also helpful to have a few storage containers on hand.

If you worry about stealing, label your containers with your rental name. Such as “Beach Oasis #423.” Yet if they disappear then do not replace them. You do not want to invest in new storage containers for every renter you book.

Instead, you can buy large and small Ziploc bags for renters to use as storage. A large package of tin foil and saran wrap can last through many renters.

Extra Surprises for your Vacation Renters

A thoughtful surprise for your renter is a sure way to get a positive review. Having a “Welcome” basket full of treats is a great first impression for your renters.

Tailor your “Welcome” basket to your renters. Two adults? Give a bottle of wine and chocolates. Family with kids? Create a basket with movies and snacks. Or, if you have a local market, stock the basket with fresh fruits and vegetables. Your renters can use these ingredients for their meals. Provide them with the market’s location, and this can be their first stop in town.

Local Product “Welcome” Basket for Renters

What Do You Include in Your Vacation Rental Kitchen?

As we’ve discussed, the number of occupants in your rental property will influence what items you need to stock.

But it is also good practice to have more than enough kitchen items in good condition. Think about indoor and outdoor areas for cooking. Consider the type of renters you will book, and the items they will need.

How do you plan to stock your vacation rental kitchen? What has worked in the past? What was unsuccessful? Share your experiences and comments below.


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