5 Marketing Tips for Your Vacation Rental Lake House

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If you could stay in any type of vacation rental what would you choose? From hammocks in the islands to multi-story mansions, every rental has unique marketing opportunities.

Successful rental owners make sure they use the architecture, features and the beauty of their property to book travelers.

When it comes to lake houses, these properties have the same unique marketing opportunity. Here are 5 tips to market your lake house rental property.

1. Determine Your Target Audience

Every location has a draw to a specific community and activities. Properties that identify popular activities can use this information for optimal marketing.

Apply this strategy to your lake house. See how your lake house caters to a specific target audience. How can you use this information to maximize your marketing?

First, consider the activities associated with lake rentals. The types of travelers looking to book a lake house rental property may be interested in:

  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Scuba Diving
  • Water Skiing
  • Hunting
  • Hiking
  • Winter sports (ice hockey, ice skating, snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling)
  • And more!
Market Your Lake House Activities to Your Target Audience

Other types of travelers may include families and travelers with pets. Does your community offer family-centered deals and attractions? If so, consider marketing your rental property in favor of these audiences. This will increase your bookings and create a well-rounded traveler experience.

2. Provide Details for Your Target Audience

Providing relevant details increases bookings from your target audience. Communicate details about your property and location. For instance, do you market your lake house to scuba divers? Describe the lake’s appearance. Is it rocky, sandy, or muddy? This is important information for guests who scuba dive.

The same details apply for other target audiences. For travelers booking a hunting trip, explain the local wildlife in the area. Is the lake stocked with fish? If so, what kind? For families and travelers with pets, list any rules or regulations. Are there noise ordinances? Are pets allowed on the beach?

You can market this information throughout your booking.

  • Write these details in your property description
  • Title your property with your target audience in mind
  • Include images which illustrate this information

3. Emphasize Your Lake House Location

A lake houses’ proximity to nature draws travelers to book. The lake view, mountains, and landscape are beautiful features to highlight. This is what captures a traveler’s attention. All you have to do is illustrate it.

Use professional photographs in your favor. Capture sunsets on the lake, boats, landscapes, and local attractions. You want to provide renters with a snapshot of the area and its atmosphere.

Capture and Market Your Lake Houses' Beauty

Focus on an adjective and weave it throughout your property. From the property description to visuals, travelers should know what your rental offers. Whether it be an adventure, romantic getaway, relaxing retreat, and more.

Update & Feature Your Lake House

Part of emphasizing your location means maintaining your property. As you walk through your property, is everything in good condition? This an important step before you advertise. How would a traveler interpret your property in its present state? What adjectives come to mind?

Inspect property features like docks, beaches, landscaping, and more. Check and replace any worn or broken materials. Add fresh landscaping, paint, and upgrades to market a beautiful lake house.

4. Create Outdoor Spaces

To emphasize the location, we recommend creating many outdoor spaces. This will create a dynamic property to book travelers.

Usually, lake houses have property and architectural levels to highlight:

  • Balcony views of the lake
  • Large windows overlooking the mountains
  • Beautiful decks with outdoor dining
  • Porches or patios
  • Fire-pits with comfy chairs
  • Dock or boat views
  • Lounging on the beach
  • Adirondack chairs facing the water

These spaces will communicate your property better than written descriptions.

5. Map Your Area

Another marketing tip is to include a map of the area. You should specify your proximity to the lake.

Mark off nearby activities such as boat tours, restaurants, parks, or beach areas. Tell travelers if the distance is a walk or drive. How far is your lake house from the main street of town? Are bike rentals available? Does your property include such amenities?

Map Out the Surrounding Lake House Area

Are You Ready For Bookings?

Marketing your lake house property means describing the surrounding area. You want travelers to know about local attractions and eateries.

Your property should depict the beauty of nature and the area. Aside from bedroom and interior descriptions, highlight outdoor seating and popular activities. This will market to your target audience and gain bookings.

How long have you been renting your lake house for? What marketing tactics work for you? Share your thoughts and comments below.


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