Why You Should Hire Professional Painters for Your Vacation Rental Property

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Repainting your vacation rental property is a quick way to update its style. Painting allows for a clean, updated look without spending a lot of money.

In the world of DIY, painting appears to be the easiest task. If you have the time and energy, you can paint your rental yourself. But, this isn’t the easiest job.

The most effective method is to hire professional painters. This will save you time and frustration. The final product is a beautiful vacation rental property.

Paint is an Affordable Solution to Update Your Vacation Rental Property

You save Time by Hiring a Professional Painter

Of all the items on your “to do” list, painting your vacation rental property might not be one of them. Painting your vacation rental property requires preparation and cleanup to create a polished final product.

Yet it may not be until you start this project, that you realize how time-consuming it is. You would save time by hiring a professional painter. That way, you can continue to manage your vacation rental property. Or you can oversee the painting while handling other aspects of your property.

Professional Painters Produce Quality Work

Professional painters represent a company and should produce quality work. Their knowledge and resources make their work reputable. There are a variety of qualities that make professional painters valuable.

Professional Painters are Well Equipped

Professional painters have the tools to get the job done. They’ll have tarps to protect your floor, ladders, paint brushes, and rollers. They will buy the paint (if you provide a color) and give recommendations.

If a problem arises while painting, they also have access to tools that you may not. Professional painters may be able to solve the problem faster than you can. This saves you time and stress.

Professional Painters are Efficient

Professional painters work in teams. While one person tapes the windows and molding, another person paints. Each person manages a part of the room, and they work as a team to complete it. Working simultaneously completes the job faster. Since professional painters are skilled at their jobs, they work at a faster pace than you and me.

The faster a painter completes your project, the quicker your rental is back on the market. This allows you to update your property without losing rental income.


Professional Painters Complete Thorough Prep Work

Part of what makes painting so time-consuming is prepping the home. If you were painting the room yourself, first you have to empty the room of furniture. Then spackle the walls for any nail holes or damage. Depending on the maintenance and age of your home, you need to prep the walls.

If you own any pets, this means washing and dusting. Wallpaper requires stripping and sanding. Does your house have crown molding? Taping around the molding and window sills keep your paint colors separate.

Other times, priming the walls’ surface is all you need before you begin painting. If you have to do these steps, painting your house on your own takes a lot of time.

Professional painters complete these tasks faster. They have the repetitive muscle memory of doing these tasks. They will know whether your walls need washing or what areas may need two coats of spackle. Professional painters take the time to be thorough with their prep work.

Everyday rental owners may not think it is necessary to follow these steps. Rental owners may cut corners to save time and money. This is why you should hire professional painters. Professional painters will make the best decisions for your vacation rental property.

Professional Painters Complete Thorough Prep Work Before Painting

Professional Painters Follow Proper Safety Measures

As with prep work, understanding the context of the job means having the proper tools. Professional painters know what safety measures they need before they start work. They won’t take risks when it comes to their safety and your home.

If there is an accident, in which something breaks, professional painters are insured. Their insurance will cover the cost of replacing or repairing said items.

Professional Painters Take Safety Precautions

Professional Painters Clean Up

One of the best parts about hiring professional painters is that they clean up! “Clean up” refers to a variety of measures. Most mean:

  • Removing tarps and painters tape
  • Dusting, vacuuming, washing room
  • Rehanging light fixtures and outlet covers
  • Resetting a room with its furniture
  • Cleaning and packing away their materials
  • Washing paint brushes
  • Packing away ladders, etc.

Professional painters will reset your room back to the way it was. All the clean-up is a part of what you pay for. Once they finish, your vacation rental should be as good as new.

Hiring Professional Painters Means You Don’t Clean Up

Where Do You Find Professional Painters?

Your community of vacation rental owners is a great resource. Did a fellow vacation rental owner paint their property? Do you like it? Get a referral from people you know and trust.

If you research companies on your own, ask for many estimates. You can begin researching on:

When you have a list of professional painters you like, look at their prices. Choose the professional painters that have a median price range. If a painter’s rates seem too high or low ask them why.

The most important part is to hire a professional painting service you trust. Follow your gut.

Before you hire them, ask any relevant questions. Such as:

  1. Years in business/experience
  2. Previous contacts who will provide reference
  3. Confirm that they are licensed and insured
  4. If they have a set team of painters, or if they hire freelancers
  5. Guarantees for their work
  6. Cost of job and payment plans

Draft a contract for the painters that you hire. Confirm that their pricing and other details match your original terms. Then sign and begin work.

Have You Hired a Professional Painter?

Are you a DIY vacation rental owner? If so, how was your painting experience? Or if you’ve hired a professional painter, did they live up to your expectations?

What tips do you have for vacation rental owners who hire professional painters? Leave your experiences and comments below.


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