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Do you want to run a successful vacation rental property? You may be unaware of the resources available to you. These products, tips, and services make vacation rental owners management easier and successful.

Vacation Rental Listing Sites

Is Futurestay your vacation rental Dashboard? Futurestay automates your listings by connecting them on popular channels.

If you don’t use Futurestay, you will personally have to find and add your vacation rental property to listing channels. Some channels include:

These are just a few of the many sites you can list on. Each site offers the opportunity for higher bookings. The site(s) you book with will depend on your number of properties and budget.

Online Contracts

As you have seen from our blog How to Get a Vacation Rental Business Started, you will need to create a rental contract. This is a safety net for your business. A contract outlines your expectations for your renter.

Use online resources to create your contract. This is faster, free, and more efficient than traditional paper contracts. The most popular resource to use is Google Forms. With Google Forms you can create:

  • Forms which are easy to create using simple designs
  • Sharable with your team to quickly create
  • Graphs, if you need to analyze or track your data
An Online Contract is an Important Resource for Vacation Rental Owners

Productivity Tools

Other tools that will simplify your life are:

  • Gmail – Merge all your emails into one place. Simple and easy to use and organize.
  • Google Docs – When connected to the internet you have the ability to create presentations and documents. You can view and share them anytime and anywhere.
  • WordPress – If you’d like to create a blog or website showcasing your brand.
  • Futurestay offers the ability to create a website and access it in one place.
  • Or add our booking engine and calendar availability to an existing website
  • Buffer – Do you use social media to promote your vacation rental property? This platform sends your content at a scheduled time over the social media platforms that you choose.

When partnered together, these resources will keep your business organized and efficient.

Resources You Haven’t Considered

There are many pieces that add up to make a successful vacation rental property. The tech behind the management of your property is one resource. Another resource contributes to your rentals atmosphere and guest experience. These nontraditional resources can positively impact your vacation rentals success.

Warehouse Store Memberships

You may be wondering how a warehouse store membership can help you. As a vacation rental owner, there are a variety of items that keep your property running. Such items are furniture or cleaning supplies.

Store memberships for Costco, BJ’s, and Sam’s Club allow you to buy these products in bulk. By doing so, you also save money. An annual membership gives you access to a variety of products. Some of the best deals include linens and bedding.

These are products that need the most replacement in your property. These memberships allow you to buy good quality, bulk product at a fair price. A membership is a valuable resource for your vacation rental property’s success.

Store Memberships are a Great Resource for Rental Owners

Video Streaming Memberships

Netflix has 99 million subscribers. While 47 million people watch Hulu.  Between the two, it’s likely that you already have an account. Or at least know how video streaming works.

We recommend buying a membership for your vacation rental property. Streaming Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon is an efficient way to entertain vacation rental guests.

Instead of losing space because of stacks of DVDs, guests can stream a variety of TV shows and movies. A membership with one of these services offers many guests a variety of entertainment.

This service will reduce complaints if there is bad weather. Providing a day of binge-watching will make up for any weather you cannot control.

Video Streaming is a Resource that Maintains Guest Happiness

Find Inspiration from Everyday Sources

Do you work with background noise? If so, turn your TV channel to HGTV. The designers and contractors offer a variety of styles and tips for homeowners. These designs can apply to your vacation rental.

HGTV offers design tips, effective use of your space, budget friendly projects, and refurbished designs. These ideas can help get your vacation rental business started or maintain your rentals’ status on the market.

If you don’t want to work with background noise, consider signing up for newsletters. Or on your lunch break, scroll through their websites. These sites will provide tips and information:

  • HGTV
  • Better Homes & Gardens
  • Lowes Creative Ideas: For Home and Garden
  • DIY Network
  • Curbly – DIY Design and Decor

Also, consider your favorite bookstore, coffee shop, or store. What makes these locations special? Draw inspiration from their designs and incorporate them into your vacation rental property.

Everyday Resources like TV and Magazines Inspire
Source: HGTV

Online Communities

Sometimes, turning to your fellow vacation rental owners is the best resource. There are a variety of online forums available. For example:

  • HomeAway – The largest vacation rental forum
  • Vacation Rental Owners – Facebook page (requires listing number to join)
  • – Connect with your vacation rental’s neighborhood and community

What Resources Do You Use?

Each vacation rental owner has their own supply of resources. We’ve noted memberships, websites, and business resources. What resources do you use to run your business? What resources should vacation rental owners avoid? Share your experiences and comments below.


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