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Futurestay serves over 80,000 rental entrepreneurs in 130 countries. Which means we interact every day with amazing individuals. We see their love for their business and hospitality.

Inspired by our rental entrepreneurs, we decided to create the Futurestay Property Spotlight. Here, we’ll showcase beautiful vacation rentals and the entrepreneurs who run them.

For our first Property Spotlight, we hear from Suzanne Dixon. She owns and manages a vacation rental home called The Breeze Retreat in Terrell, Texas.

The Breeze Property Spotlight Futurestay

Why did you pursue a career in the vacation rental industry?

After 30+ years in Corporate America, I moved from Dallas to the country, next door to two of my best friends.

During the complete renovation of my “new” home, I lived in a tiny/retro camper and loved it. Once I moved into my home, it felt too big. Living in the “down-sized” mode felt better for me. That’s when I decided to rent the house, keeping it fully furnished.

What influenced you to choose your specific rental location?

It is very peaceful, with beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I named it The Breeze after sitting outside many summer evenings that first year with friends and neighbors, just being in nature and enjoying the breeze.

The Breeze_Property_Spotlight Futurestay

What makes your property unique compared to other rentals?

Guests always comment on how easy it is to unwind here. There are a lot of low-key, fun, outside activities, such as feeding and playing with the mini horses, mini donkeys, and goats. They’re fenced in on their own 2 acres.

There’s also fishing in the pond on the property, making a campfire in the fire-pit, playing with the resident dogs, grilling outside, or just hanging out on the large, screened-in porch.

The Breeze Kitchen_Property Spotlight Futurestay

The living room and kitchen are open to each other and with the 8’x4′ island. It is a great gathering place for a large group.

There are beds to sleep 8. Once the brass section of the University of Texas (my Alma Mater!) stayed overnight after playing at the TX-OU game….there were 30 of them!

What is your best or most rewarding memory as a vacation rental owner?

There have been so many it’s hard to pick.

The Breeze_Dogs_Property Spotlight_Futurestay

It’s really fun to see a large family gathered here with kids running around, playing with the dogs and the other animals, enjoying the free, open space. Last summer we had several super slide parties in the front yard and those were neat.

Providing an enjoyable getaway is what The Breeze is all about!

Property Spotlight_The Breeze_Futurestay

What are your hopes/goals for your business’s future?

Encouraged by the experience of renting The Breeze, we have just opened a 4,000 sq ft. country event venue/barn next door. It sits on 10 acres with additional sleeping accommodations for up to 10.

We have a renovated “glamper” and a safari tent, in addition to a Cabana apartment that sleeps 6. Further in the future, we have purchased a 1905 church and moved it to another 16-acre plot on this same road. We plan to renovate it and have it for country weddings.

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