Sync Your Vacation Rentals Across Multiple Booking Platforms with Futurestay's Channel Management Feature

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Most days, it can feel like the work of an entrepreneur is never done. This is especially true when it comes to the work of entrepreneurs working in the short-term rental space. Between listing your rental across the many different booking platforms out there, arranging for repair teams and cleaning crews to come out and service your property, and tracking the financial details of your business, it can quickly begin to feel like the short-term rental you invested in to create financial freedom for yourself has become your full-time job.

Futurestay can change that, though. And the first way we can do it is by offering you a quick and easy way to sync your vacation rentals across multiple booking platforms with our vacation rental channel management feature. Say goodbye to the long nights of creating one listing after another, after another, only to be stopped by a failed authentication on one website, or an internal crash on another. With Futurestay’s vacation rental channel management feature, you’ll be able to create one high-quality listing that gets automatically ported across all high-value short-term rental booking platforms. If you’re looking to do less work and get more return on your investment, this is the feature for you. 

Futurestay allows you to sync your vacation rentals across all booking platforms

What is a rental channel manager? 

Good question! A channel manager is a piece of software that lets you create a master listing that can be posted on multiple different websites. So, rather than creating an individual listing on Airbnb, another on VRBO, and yet another on an entirely different website, you can create a single optimized listing that will attract renters, and with one click, list it across all booking platforms.  

Channel managers help short-term rental owners, like you, save time, reduce the mistakes that come with manual listing creation, and get more visibility on your properties. At the end of the day, more time means more freedom, and increased visibility means more bookings and more money. This is why investing in the right channel manager is such a critical choice when working in the short-term rental space. 

Connect via Airbnb

Futurestay can connect with your Airbnb account to offer you a seamless listing experience using Airbnb channel management. In fact, you can import all of your current listings from Airbnb to Futurestay, so that you have a basis to begin your work. This means you’ll be able to set your account up easily, and be off the ground in no time. 

Don’t have an Airbnb? No problem. Create a Futurestay account and port your master listing directly to other websites, like VRBO and 

Create listings on VRBO,, and Google Vacation Rentals

We really can’t say it enough. Futurestay is able to get you listed on all booking platforms using booking channel management software. What we haven’t said yet, though, are some of the really key ways that using Futurestay as your channel manager can allow you to make more money and save more time. 
First of all, with Futurestay, not only can you list your property across multiple different booking platforms, but you can review all data from these platforms in one convenient location. This lets you review which channels are offering you the highest return on investment, in order to make informed choices about the best direction for the future of your business. 

Additionally, the short-term rental process is always evolving, and along with it, your properties. Let’s say, to keep up with demand, you’ve added some great backyard features to your listing. The fun part was probably buying the custom cornhole set. But now, the real work sets in. You’ve got to upload those photographs to each and every listing, go back to ensure that you show up in filters for homes that offer backyard fun for guests, and likely rewrite your listing descriptions.

With Futurestay’s channel manager by your side, you only need to do any of these things once. Simply log in and update your Futurestay master listing for your home, and in a short amount of time, all of your online listings will be automatically updated. This will allow you to keep your listings in the best possible shape, with minimal time on your part. 

Sync your vacation rental reservation calendars

Sure, syncing your vacation rentals to multiple sites at a time will save you from having to create multiple updates to listings, or add the same picture to the same listing over and over again. But more importantly, Futurestay keeps your properties from being double booked. 

Let’s say you have a property listed on Airbnb and VRBO at the same time, and two potential clients book it on the same day. It’s possible that while one guest may have booked first on one site, you were unable to log in to block the day off on the other site before the other guest got to it.

Gone are the days of double bookings, when you use Futurestay’s channel manager. You won't have to worry about making that dreaded phone call to one of your potential guests, letting them know that the vacation rental they just booked isn't available, and giving them a reason to book with the competition. And better yet, you won't have to juggle multiple booking calendars across different sites.

Futurestay syncs your Airbnb, VRBO,, and even your own website's reservation calendar into a singular location, saving you time and countless headaches. By automating your rental processes, you can improve your own quality of life.

Manage Your Vacation Rental Listings in One Central Location

Futurestay believes in creating as simple a process for short-term rental management as possible, enabling you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. We want you to spend less time at work and have more money to enjoy your newfound freedom with. 

One of the ways we offer this is through the Futurestay dashboard, where one click zaps your listings and changes across every website your property is listed on. In other words, we provide a central location, through which you can control every one of your listings. 

You’ll be able to track and manage data, like your occupancy rates, financials, and other analytics, to ensure that every cent you’ve invested is maximized to the fullest potential. Best of all, using Futurestay will help you to maximize your revenue, which will allow you to continue getting one step closer to financial freedom and heightened quality of life. 

We’ve painted all of the pictures of what could go wrong without a strong vacation rental channel manager in place–but what about the picture of what could go right? Take a moment. Imagine yourself spending some time listing your property in one place, then clicking one button that immediately lists your property across the web. Think about all of the time you will save, and what you could do with that time. How much quicker could you grow your vacation rental business?

How to use our Vacation rental channel manager

After hearing how much time you’ll get back, and how much more revenue you could plan to earn as a result of having a high-quality channel manager, we can’t imagine you’ll want to wait to get started. Ready to rock and roll? Keep reading for a quick tutorial on how to get started with Futurestay’s channel management feature. 

Sign up for Futurestay

Signing up for Futurestay is easy! You can click here to get started. Once there, you’ll be prompted to connect your Airbnb account to import your current listing information. Once merged, you can duplicate your listing across a variety of other platforms. 

If you aren’t already listed with Airbnb, you’ll be asked to manually provide information about your properties, any existing listings, and of course, about yourself. This won’t take more than five minutes. After that, you’ll be able to activate and move forward. 

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a seasoned short-term rental owner, Futurestay can enhance your business and save you time. Best of all we offer straightforward, competitive pricing to ensure that Futurestay remains a positive investment in your arsenal. 

However, we know that all smart investors want to see it to believe it. Put in different words, we know that you might want to try Futurestay for yourself, rather than just take our word for it. That’s why we offer a free trial! We’d love for you to try Futurestay for thirty days, risk-free, to see what you really think of it. If it dazzles you (and we know it will!), you can decide how you’d like to move forward at the end of your trial. 

Self-service or fully-managed support

At Futurestay, we know that you know your business better than anyone. That’s why we offer two distinct service models for you to choose from.

If you’re more of a do-it-yourself type, you can opt for our self-service plan. Under this plan, you’ll create your own listings as part of your account creation process. After you create your listing, as mentioned above, you’ll have the option to port it across a variety of different booking websites. You can even take things one step further and create your own direct booking website, where you can avoid costly fees and solicit potential renters straight to your property. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for more of a white-glove experience, you can check out our managed onboarding option. With this, you’ll get dedicated help from the Futurestay team every step of the way. Imagine the impact that working with a vacation rental expert could have on your business.

What can you expect when receiving fully-managed support from Futurestay? Well, for starters, we’ll take the stress of creating an optimized listing off of your hands. You simply send over your home’s information, and we’ll get them up and running on all major booking platforms. We’ll also build you your own website, where you can house all of your listings as well as your own booking engine. This means that we aren’t just helping you with booking channel management, we’re also helping you unlock a whole new booking channel for your business without creating extra work for you.

If you opt to use Airbnb, you’ll be able to list us as co-hosts, so that we can expedite your listing setup. Throughout the process, whether it’s Airbnb, creating your own booking website, or optimizing your pricing strategy, you can count on our team, who are trained on today’s best practices to ensure that you are ready to hit the ground running. 

Ready to get started?

The process of setting up with Futurestay is about as simple as it gets. Simply click the link below to get started. From there, you’ll enter less information than you need to sign up for a rewards card, and bam, you’re in. You can let Futurestay take it from there. 

Less time, more money with Futurestay’s channel management feature

Futurestay, more than any other business, knows the freedom that entrepreneurs can find through the short-term rental business. How do we know this? Because our team is made up of folks who work in this industry ourselves. 

We’ve worked hard to establish a pricing system that works for you, regardless of where you are at in your vacation rental business. Beyond that, we’ve worked hard to ensure that our services are well worth the investment. When you choose to let Futurestay help you automate your rental processes, you’re giving yourself the gift of time. Time that can be spent to grow your vacation rental business further, or simply time to relax, knowing that Futurestay has got your back. Finally, using Futurestay will ensure that your listings are in tip-top shape, allowing you to maximize your profits to get the most from each one of your investments. Get started by creating your Futurestay account today.

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