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We're building a world of automated vacation rentals powered by Smart Connections™

Our Visionaries

Phil Kennard
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Phil coded and sold his first software at age 15, then bridged gaps between people, product and psychology for Fortune 500s. He doesn’t believe in limits for himself, his team or our industry.
Jonathan Fabio
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Jonathan is a magician when it comes to managing Futurestay’s operational success, while finding time to share his industry experience with teammates to reach their personal goals.
Sree Raja
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Breaking tech boundaries by working on satellite communications at NASA, Sree leads Futurestay’s engineering team to the next frontier.

Customer Success

Monique Kandou
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Director of Partnerships
As Futurestay’s Smart Connection leader™, Monique works one-on-one with our community to listen to their needs and connect their rentals to the on-demand economy.
Dovie Pasilan
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Customer Success Specialist
A natural-born entrepreneur, Dovie imparts her years of experience in business development into Futurestay’s operational support.
Noel Crisostomo
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Customer Success Specialist
Years of experience in management and coaching, allow Noel to guide rental vacation entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals and lead them to success.
Neil Leona
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Customer Success Specialist
With his sharp business skills, Leo helps Futurestay users seamlessly connect to the rental vacation industry, while making sure they have everything they need to make their businesses thrive.
James Robles
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Customer Success Specialist
James is an expert in turning customer needs into success stories. His attention to detail has helped many customers find new ways to optimize their businesses and power their growth.
Kaye Delos Reyes
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Customer Success Specialist
Kaye has spent many years honing her business development skills, which she uses to empower vacation rental owners in their own business with prompt and accurate advice.

Product Development

Faber Fedor
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Futurestay’s technology guardian, Faber keeps Futurestay’s data secure and is always up-to-date with today’s technology.
Jeremy Gross
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Lead Developer
Fueled by iced-coffee and a passion for programming, Jeremy leads the development and crafts the intricate web of Smart Connections™ for Futurestay’s channel partners.
Kevin Yoon
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Full Stack Developer
Whether he’s coding Futurestay’s product or dominating a MOBA, Kevin’s pixel-perfect attention to detail and never-say-die attitude means he’s always racking up wins.
Godwin Gitonga
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Back End Developer
Experienced IT professional and software engineer with a demonstrated history of working with PHP, Java, Javascript and Kotlin.
Skilled in Android, ReactJs, and database administration (Oracle). Graduated from Egerton University.
Sebuliba Adrian
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software programmer
A lifelong learner seeking to build impactful products and tools for the good of humanity. With over 5 years of experience in software development and information technology, Adrian puts all his efforts into building solid technology for vacation rentals.
Yoakim Owor
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Back end Developer
Full-Stack Software Engineer with mastery in backend PHP, Laravel, Lumen, C#. Net Core and frontend JavaScript, Node.us, Vue.us, Typescript. Yoakim is also proficient in frameworks such as Angular and React, React Native, CodeIgniter, Express.Js, and Dripal 7+.
Oluwafemi Bamidele
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Software Engineer
Experienced Software Engineer. Skilled in Python (Programming Language), PHP, Mobile Applications, Laravel, and Javascript. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) focused in Computer Science (Information Systems) from Babcock University.
Abiola Adele
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Software Engineer
With a passion for building scalable and optimized software solutions demonstrated by a history of working in technology and banking industries. Abiola is proficient in Javascript, Mysql, PostgreeSQL, PHP, MSSQL, VueJs, and DevOps.
Obed Moguel
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Specialized in the art of software development and passionate about technology. Obed has 5+ years of web development experience and is constantly learning new technologies.


And our motivational crew...

Brigante Fabio
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Senior Motivational Coach
A born leader, Brig is always there with the biggest smile, supporting us as we tackle our next big goal.
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Poise Instructor
When we aren't sure of the best outfit to pick for an important meeting, we look at Toki for advice. He doesn't know either, but his composed demeanor is always inspiring.
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Nap trainer
Salbut will frequently remind us the importance of keeping ourselves well rested with loud and productive snores.
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cheering SQUAD
Lola doesn't hesitate to share her unlimited supply of energy with the team, to make sure we keep active and happy.
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Sarang's name means "love" in Korean, and he brings that love and cute smile to the Futurestay team.
Futurestay's awards granted by: VRMA, Phocuswright, Skift, ARDA, and Booking.com

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