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Its important to have a great website for your property.  The better your site, the more commission free bookings you can get.  With Futurestay, answer just a few questions and get a premium website in minutes. 

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Be more than one of a million listings on someone else's site. Get your own website -- one you'll be proud to share and that will get you bookings.

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Setting up a site can be tricky and its easy to make mistakes. Futurestay simplifies the process and does the heavy lifting for you.

Appeal to guests

Your website will be built to include all the content and policies that guests want to see before booking.

Launching your property online is hard. Getting it right is even harder.

Launching a website is a crucial first step in getting into the business. But where do you start? Most affordable templates aren’t made for short-term rentals. You have to know what guests need to see, and write some code to make it all work.

Even if you do build the website, who is going to host it? How will you manage it? Professional-grade hotel and property management software is overkill - too pricey and hard to use!

It’s tough to overcome these barriers, but if you don’t, you’ll still be marketing offline and stuck not taking your rental to the next level.

Could you go to another popular listing platform to get seen? Sure. But all you really need to get more guests is your very own website.

Work for yourself. Be more than a host. Be a rentalpreneur.

Get online the right way with your very own website.

Don’t waste time analyzing what makes a great website, trying to design it and fighting with off-the-shelf templates. You have better things to do with your time. Use the website generator to automatically get a professionally-designed website for your property.

  • Answer a few simple questions about your property

  • Generate an effective property listing site that gets visitors excited

  • Celebrate how much you have accomplished in just 5 minutes

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A beautifully effective website that gets your property noticed.

Worried that a DIY website won’t look good on mobile, or that it will be missing important content or misrepresent your property? Futurestay’s done-for-you design is mobile-optimized and gets potential guests excited to inquire about staying at your property.

  • Tell the unique story of your property

  • Get guests excited about booking a stay with you

  • Take pride in knowing that you made a great first impression

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Get a website of your very own you’ll want to share with everyone.

Need to get attract more visitors to your website? The time saved using our website generator will be better spent sharing and promoting it online.

  • Craft the perfect post on your favorite social network

  • Share your property website with family, friends, and followers

  • Build your network where you already like to connect

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Turn guest inquiries into (repeat) guest stays.

Are you building relationships with guests, soliciting reviews, and securing repeat stays? Futurestay makes it easy with the host profile section on your website and directing guest communications to the email inbox you already use everyday.

  • Instill trust with an approachable host profile

  • Get notified via email when a guest uses your website's contact form

  • Save contact information and follow up for future bookings

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Launch your short-term rental. Your future starts now.

It all begins with an instantly generated website that’s simple to share. Your own website helps build essential trust and connection with guests.

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A polished website with the right information will attract potential guests and help them picture a great stay at your property.

Got questions?

Futurestay makes it easy to launch your property online, but there’s still a lot to know. Browse our Frequently Asked Questions to get the answers you need.

You can also chat with our team if you have more questions.

Can I cancel anytime?


Yes. You can cancel anytime. We cannot issue a partial refund for your current billing cycle, but you will not be charged for the next one.

Can I easily change plans?


Yes. We want you to get the most out of your Futurestay experience, and that means using the plan that is right for you.

Can I edit my website after it’s published


Absolutely. Websites are designed to be continually updated as you learn more about what guests are responding to.

Can I keep my website even if I cancel Futurestay?


No. Your website is powered by your Futurestay central listing, so if you stop using Futurestay, your website gets deactivated.

How is the website generator different than any other website builder or generator?


Nothing compares to the Futurestay website generator. Nobody else can give you an effective website that guests will respond to by answering just a few simple questions about your property.